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Grease Buddy


Cooking in the kitchen? Don’t wash leftover meats, animal fat or oils down the sink or toilet where they can cool and congeal in pipes. Instead, put grease in the all NEW 100% Compostable Grease Buddy grease container.

  • Holds 16 oz
  • 20 per case

Fats, oils and grease from cooking can cool and build up in sewer pipes over time, and could cause raw sewage to back up and overflow into your home. This can result in costly clean-ups and repairs to the homeowner. Grease can also plug sewer collection lines and pumps, causing overflows.


  • Freeze the grease, save the drain!!
  • Keeps Fats, Oil and Grease out of your drain
  • Convenient leak resistant
  • 100% compostable earth Friendly container

How to use this container:

  • Pour cooled fats, oils and grease into the container
  • Place in your Freezer until full or ready for disposal
  • Place full frozen container in the green bin, garbage or take back to the hazardous waste depot.

Types of grease:

  • meat fats
  • gravy
  • cooking oil
  • shortening
  • sauces
  • salad dressings
  • mayonnaise
  • dairy products
  • Holds 16 oz
  • 20 per case
  • Case Size: 12" L x 6" W x 6" H   
  • Case Weight: 1 lbs


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